Be the Change: Dallas Cop Writes Song to Help City Heal

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DALLAS -- It's been two weeks since a gunman opened fire on police officers in the streets of Dallas, killing five officers and wounding nine more.

Fourteen days, five funerals, and one presidential visit later, Dallas is still healing.

Dallas PD's Officer Charles Vaughn has found a unique way to help with that healing.

"I was up that night," Vaughn recalled, "and it hurts.  Inside it was burning up. I had to do something."

Vaughn fights crime and recruits new officers for DPD during the day, but by night he's an R&B singer/songwriter and goes by RayVaughn.  He teamed up with some fellow Texas musicians to write and record a song, and Dallas film producer Dennis Dotson - a former DPD officer himself - to create a music video.  The song is called "Be The Change."

"I couldn't say this the way it came out on the song," Vaughn said of his message.

"My hope is that it just touches people's hearts," Dotson said. "Because the change starts from within."

"If we can be nicer," said Vaughn. "Not pointing the finger at anybody, but 'I can be better, as an individual,' that's what we need.  We can't have anything less than that."