Arlington Lights Up The City In Support of The Men and Women In Blue

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ARLINGTON --When Charla Moore got the bright idea to light up Arlington with blue lights after a sleepless night two weeks ago, she knew it would be something special.

"I was watching it Thursday night til' about 4 o'clock in the morning, so when I got up the next day I decided maybe we should put blue light bulbs out," Moore told NewsFix.

In light of the recent attack on Dallas police, she decided The Moore Family Law Firm in Arlington would show their support by giving out blue light bulbs.

"We've asked people to put a blue light bulb in their front porch so when the police drive by they can know there is plenty of support out there in the community."

Now, people can Back The Blue while they sleep with thousands of blue bulbs. Dallas put up blue Christmas lights at headquarters after the recent ambush. Plenty of people around DFW are also tying blue ribbons on trees, light poles, and fences to show their support too!

But for Sharla, her support goes beyond the color Blue.

"I have a son-in-law who's in the Army, so I've had green light bulbs in my porch light for years," she explained.

Sharla hopes this light movement never goes out and says she'll continue to restock as long as there's a demand.

"People come through asking for bulbs, they take a box or they take five or six or they take 20 and they're passing them out all through their neighborhoods," she said.

Spreading positivity is definitely a start, even if it sometimes seems light years away.