Nickelodeon Airs Its First Gay Married Couple On This Cartoon

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ORLANDO, FL -- It's been just over a year since SCOTUS made gay marriage legal here in the U.S., but that doesn't mean parents are ready to expose their kids to the reality of the real world. Well, apparently Nickelodeon thinks that time is now.

The same kids network that introduced us to shows like SpongeBob SquarePants, Victorious, and The Fairly OddParents is now introducing same-sex marriage in their newest cartoon The Loud House.

The animated series is about Lincoln Loud who goes on adventures with his best friend Clyde. Plot twist:  Clyde's parents are gay AND biracial.

Apparently, most people didn't catch on until a recent episode where Clyde gets dropped off at Lincoln's house for a sleepover by his two dads.

You won't see this cartoon during Nick at Nite hours because the network is purposely targeting ages 6 to 11.

However, Nick isn't the first to flip the script and go loud and proud on its viewers.

Back in 2014, The Disney Channel featured lesbian moms in the show Good Luck Charlie - which was taken off the air that same year.

Cartoon Network showed it's first gay couple kissing in the series Clarence.

We have to admit, times are changing and there's really no pause button. So, will you tune in or change the channel?

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