A Must See! Man Tries to Extinguish Olympic Torch During Relay

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JOINVILLE, SC, BRAZIL -- Everyone recognizes the Olympic flame.  It is known as a strong symbol of man and power.  Some say it is the link between ancient and modern games since 1928.

It's not a very controversial symbol. So it seems unlikely that anyone would want to put it out.

Well, think again!

As Rio de Janeiro puts the finishing touches on the 2016 Olympics and the torch relay goes strong around the streets of Brazil, one man and his fire extinguisher just aren't having it.

In the video, you can see a man run up and then try to put out the flame! Thankfully, he's unsuccessful and as expected is promptly taken away by officials.

Now, some say putting out the flame is a form of protest against the games but in some cases, it can be as simple as a game of truth or dare.

Last month a man tried to put the flame out by throwing a bucket of water. Clearly, that didn't work either and when he was arrested by the police he told them he did it because of a dare.

Not the best idea.

Thankfully,  it's looks like this year’s Olympic flame is going to keep on burning.

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