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“It Affected Everyone”: Hundreds Receive Counseling at Mobile VA Centers

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DALLAS -- The US Department of Veterans Affairs has a big job every day, taking care of our military veterans returning home from war.

"Regardless if you're eligible or not, if you come into my vet center, you will not be turned away," said Dorian LeBeau, who works for the VA.

And now, to be there for those who saw their hometown turned into a war zone last week, the VA has taken their show on the road, with Mobile Vet Centers.

"We're here as licensed clinicians to listen to individuals who want to talk about their feelings," LeBeau said. "It was a traumatic event that occurred, and it affected everyone.  You don't have to necessarily experience the trauma to feel the trauma."

Two of these mobile centers have been staffed with counselors and stationed in downtown Dallas - one near the location of the interfaith memorial service, and one outside DPD HQ.

"We've had individuals stop by and just cry, others just talk, to just try to understand what they were feeling," LeBeau told NewsFix. "Since Saturday we've had maybe over 1,000 people."

LeBeau offers the following advice for folks in Dallas - or anywhere - whether they lost loved ones or not: "The emotions that we feel are normal emotions; don't be afraid of those emotions.  But also don't be afraid to talk about them."

Yeah, we're all in this together, y'all.  That's what makes us Dallas strong.

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