Will Dallas Add a Special Memorial for the Fallen Five?

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DALLAS --Through tears and hugs, flowers and signs, the Dallas Police ambush gets a little more real when you visit the makeshift memorial set up for the five fallen officers.

"Just watching it on TV, you don't get the real feeling," said Dallas resident Stephanie Wesson. "Being here, it's very emotional."

The memorial in front of DPD Headquarters, made up of a DPD and DART cruiser and covered in prayers and positive messages, won't be there forever. In fact, a DPD officer says they'll only remain until the five heroes are laid to rest.

So what will happen here in Dallas to make sure we don't forget the fallen?

Just down the street is Dealey Plaza, marking the other darkest day in Dallas history.

Across the country we have memorials for 9/11, Pearl Harbor, the Oklahoma City bombing and others.

So...should there be a place in Dallas to remember what happened Thursday, July 7?

"It'd be great for us to have a beautiful memorial much like the Vietnam Memorial, which has a steady flow of people, day in and day out," said Operation Blue Shield founder Toni Brinker Pickens.

Something for the public, but also...

"Something for the families to come back and say, 'This is what my husband or my dad did,'" Wesson said.

Dallas already has a Police Memorial across the street from City Hall with the name and badge number of each officer lost in the line of duty in the past 124 years, but should there be more for the fallen five?

Only time will tell, but it's safe to say no one will be forgetting anytime soon.