Waxahachie Crash and Grab Leaves ATF on the Hunt for Big Guns

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WAXAHACHIE - Its been a rough week for the good guys. Just as police are dealing with the shootings in Dallas last Thursday, a group of bad guys drove through a gun store in Waxahachie Sunday morning. Video caught everything on camera but police aren’t ready to release it yet. “When I watch it, it shows the vehicle coming in through the wall. Then they back out and everybody runs in then they run back out," said gun shop owner Chuck Edge.

Waxahachie police say seven people looted the Shooters Edge gun shop, grabbing everything they could get their  hands on. “They got 12 handguns, 3 AR 15-type rifles, an AK 47, and a shotgun," Waxahachie Police Lt. Todd Woodruff said.

Police say the burglars used two Ford F250 trucks to do the job. One plowed through the wall and was left behind, and one was a getaway car shown. The truck left behind came up as stolen out of Mesquite. With everything that's happened this week, a smash and grab raises tensions a little higher for everyone. "We don’t know if it’s connected to the incidents in Dallas, but regardless, we’ve got more weapons out there on the street so we’re a little on edge -- as are all the area police departments," said Woodruff.

The ATF and the FBI have been called in to investigate this as a federal crime.