President Obama Making his Way to Dallas Tuesday

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In the wake of the devastation in Dallas, the support across the city and the country has been overwhelming for many Dallas officers.

“People need to take the time to hug the cops, thank them no matter where they're at. They are the front line. As people were running away, they were running towards the bullets and that's just amazing,” Frank Pfannenstiel said. Pfannenstiel came to DPD headquarters, along with hundreds of others, to pay his respects to the fallen officers.

“God bless America and God bless police officers," Allen Burks, Jr. said.

Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation Sgt. Demetrick Pennie said, “Now, officers have to worry about not only protecting the citizens during rallies, now they have to worry about protecting their own lives.”

President Obama will be in Dallas Tuesday, where he'll meet privately with the victims' families and attend an interfaith memorial service at the Meyerson Symphony Center. With the commander in chief, VP Biden, and former president George W. Bush all in attendance, security in the city is top priority.

It’s a huge job protecting the motorcade route from Love Field to downtown and the perimeter surrounding the Arts District. Plus, hundreds of our city's finest will be at the memorial, but the security won’t be handled by DPD.

“We’ve turned over the responsibility of security detail of the President to our law enforcement partners. Arlington PD is working with the Secret Service on that," Dallas Police Chief David Brown announced. “I didn’t want something to go wrong with the President coming here because we're tired. They volunteered to do it. I appreciate Arlington doing that.”

And for DPD, a little appreciation goes a long way.