Pokémon GO Will Be the End of Us All

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The end is near. And it’s not because of Global Warming, war, oil, or North Korea. It’s because of Pokémon GO.

If you aren’t yet familiar, Pokémon GO is new free-to-play game for iOS and Android that lets players “capture” Pokémon. The game uses your location and your phone’s camera to track different Pokémon based on where you are and where they’re hiding out. And it turns out they can be anywhere and everywhere.

It’s a pretty fun game that’s easy to learn, but is quickly spiraling out of control. For example, one guy couldn’t even stop playing while his wife was in labor. Imgur user Bringther10t, posted a screen shot from the game showing a pregnant woman on a hospital bed in the background with the caption, “When your wife is about to have a baby and a Pokémon shows up and you have to low-key catch it…”

How would you feel if you found out your dad was using Pokeballs to catch imaginary creatures while your mother was in pain trying to usher you in this world?

Meanwhile, Pokémon GO is not only affecting childbirth, it’s messing with businesses. UPLOAD VR reports one Dairy Queen location put a sign in their window saying “POKEMON ARE FOR PAYING CUSTOMERS ONLY.”

‘Pokemon GO’ is So Popular Businesses Are Posting Warning Signs

However, an indie clothing store saw the craze as an opportunity to draw customers in, placing a sign out front claiming to be a PokeStop, and encouraging customers to “catch ’em all in style!

The arrival of (and addiction to) Pokémon GO is even putting a new strain on many relationships, according to Twitter. Dylan Dunlap tweeted “when your girlfriend threatens to break up with you if you try and catch the Pokémon before her. ,” and Rio Harris wrote “”July 6, 2016” or “The Day Came Out in the US and I Lost My Boyfriend Forever.” @themainsteeze.”

Since this is how we’re going down, we just want to know: is it worth it? Share your Pokémon GO experiences with Eye Opener on Facebook.