Look at These Former YouTube Stars Now

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You've heard of YouTube, right? That place you can watch some low-rent music videos, other people play video games, fall down a rabbit hole of the craziest conspiracy theories, or just waste your time on cute cat videos? Yeah, THAT YouTube!

Well, with YouTube being over 11 years old, our friends at Dose.com got to thinking – what have some of YouTube's first break-out stars been up to since gaining internet fame?

Let's start with Antoine Dodson.  After the auto-tuned version of his infamous news interview garnered over 132 million views, he came out as gay. Then, in May 2013, he said he's actually straight and wants a family. THEN, after a Hebrew Israelite conversion, he got a publicly unidentified woman pregnant and now has a son!

Next up, Liam Kyle Sullivan, better known as Kelly from "Shoes" fame.  Believe it or not, this 60-million-view-having YouTube video is NINE. YEARS. OLD. Well, after nearly a decade of leaving YouTube alone to act in things like Dino Yacht Club and Weezer music videos – as Kelly – he posted THIS on his YouTube account, recently.  Does this mean we're getting more of Kelly and her love of shoes? Let's hope so!

Now on to Lucas Cruikshank – better known as Fred Figglehorn.  The incessantly irritating voice hit YouTube HARD and led to Fred getting his own TV show and three movies. With over 2-and-a-half-million subscribers, the character was put to rest back in 2013, but the YouTube channel FRED still posted videos until about a year ago. However, Lucas has his OWN YouTube Channel, which updates frequently and has over 2-million subscribers.
And finally, the man...the voice...TAY ZONDAY.  That sweet baritone voice everyone loved for a hot minute. Well, besides his deal with Dr. Pepper, and appearing in some of those Fine Bros. React videos, he hasn't stopped doing his thing. Check out his YouTube channel and let Tay's voice sweep you away...