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Dallas Strong: Chief Urges Protesters to Be Part of the Solution

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DALLAS--"This wasn't an ethical dilemma, for me," Dallas Police Chief David Brown said.

Brown spoke frankly about the decision to use a robot to take out sniper Micah Johnson. The decision ultimately ended the long siege.

"We knew through negotiations this was the suspect because he was asking us how many did he get," Brown said. "And he was telling us how many more he wanted to kill."

"I'd do it again," he continued. "I would use any tool necessary to save our officers' lives and I'm not ashamed to say it."

Four days after the ambush that left five cops dead and nine more wounded, Brown admitted it's taken a toll.

"To be quite honest I'm running on fumes," he said. "My brain is fried."

So what was going on in the brain of Micah Johnson? His family seems as stunned as anyone.
"I didn't see it coming," James Johnson, the gunman's father, said in an interview with

"I love my son with all my heart. I hate what he did."

You can see the full interview at  The Blaze TV will run the interview on Wednesday, July 13 at 4 PM and again at 7PM CDT.

It's been an emotional few days, too, for the medical teams who treated the wounded cops and civilians.

"I think about it every day that I was unable to save those cops when they came here that night," Dr. Brian Williams said.

The violence between police and citizens, particularly young black men, weighs heavily on the trauma surgeon, who is African-American, and was on duty at Parkland Hospital's Emergency Room Thursday night.

"I understand the anger, the frustration, and distrust of law enforcement, but they are not the problem," Williams said.

Back at DPD, Chief Brown said the "Black Lives Matter" protestors could be part of the solution. He said the police department is hiring.

"Get off that protest line and put an application in. We'll put you in your neighborhood," Brown said.

"We will help you resolve some of the problems you're protesting about."


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