iZombie: Liv Comes to Terms With Major’s Killer Secret in Deleted Scene

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When it was revealed to Liv (Rose McIver) that Major (Robert Buckley) was the likeliest suspect to be the Chaos Killer on iZombie, it rocked her world to the very core. The man she loved was a killer?

What you didn't see, though, was the evidence adding up in her mind as Liv slowly came to terms with the fact that Major was a killer -- or at least, seemed to be a killer. Luckily, now you can thanks to the Zap2it-exclusive Season 2 deleted scene above.

In it, Liv questions Peyton (Aly Michalka) about Major's whereabouts on various dates connected to Chaos Killer disappearances. While Peyton tries to convince her it's all a smokescreen by the FBI, it's clear that this information has shaken her.

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Of course, as fans know, he wasn't killing people as much as putting zombies on ice until a way to cure them was found. It was a huge secret to keep tucked away and one that changed the very nature of Major and Liv's relationship.

This one, along with more deleted scenes and special features, are on the iZombie Season 2 DVD and Blu-ray, in stores July 12.