HQ Threatened: SWAT Team Searches For Suspicious Person

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DALLAS -- Dallas police back on high alert tonight after a reported threat to their headquarters.

Shortly before 6 P.M. tonight, the SWAT team started running toward the parking garage behind their HQ after rumors of a man in a hoodie and possibly a mask ran into the building.

With media from all over the nation reporting different things as fact, it prompted the DPD to start tweeting out what was actually going on:

-saying that reports about HQ being on lockdown is incorrect...

-saying that reports of shots being fired is incorrect...

-saying reporters putting out misinformation is making their jobs difficult.

and finally saying that officers are doing a systematic search of the parking garage for a suspicious person.

After that search was complete, no suspect was found.

Real or not, threat or not, it's something a city already on a heightened state of alert  doesn't need.