Dallas Protest Organizers, Next Generation Action Network, Releases Statement Regarding Shooting

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DALLAS -- Next Generation Action Network, the political activist organization that organized the protest in downtown Dallas, has released a statement regarding the shooting the injured killed 5 officers Thursday Night.

Full statement below.

First I want to introduce myself as Dominique Alexander President and Founder of The Next Generation Action Network.

The Next Generation Action Network was established in August 2014 in the aftermath of the Michael Brown case. In June 2015, we organized a public protest for the McKinney black teenagers. Our protest demonstration included a diverse group of people from all walks of life and was conducted peacefully.

The mission for our organization is to : cultivate young leaders driven towards the eradication of social injustice through educational, civil and community reform.

One of the goals in establishing our organization was to bring awareness to the issues that people of color face concerning police brutality. Never in our wildest dreams would we think that our efforts to save lives would take lives.

We echo the words of President Obama yesterday when he stated that because black lives matter, it does not mean that blue lives, do not matter. With that said, we condemn the actions that took the lives of 5 officers and wounded 7. We sincerely thank the Dallas Police Department and Dart Police for assisting us with our protest. We understand that although Officers volunteer to risk their lives they certainly did not deserve to die. We do not know the details of investigation however, we will do our part to work with authorities to ensure that a proper investigation is conducted.

We extend our deepest sympathies to the families of the victims affected yesterday in addition to the family of the victims of everyone in America who have experienced the loss of a love one that did not deserve to die. As we have always stated, the time has come to find solutions and together we can work to heal America.

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