Simon Says: Want less Police Shootings? Focus on the Critical Half-second!

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So—it’s time for another chapter of "What Do You See Here? Appropriate Force or Murder?

We’re asking that question now in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis

Just like we did in places Cleveland, Ferguson and other cities near you.

While all of you may have different opinions about these cases, I hope we ALL can find common ground on two things. First, it’s tougher when you are black and busted. The numbers don’t lie. Last year a record number of young black men were killed by police officers.

Secondly,  it’s also tough making the choice to pull out a gun.

Half a  second. That’s it--The amount of time police have to decide whether to use force. Think about it: that’s nearly the same amount of time you get to react  to a Major League fast ball.

You get a whole second to process whether or not to drive through the yellow light.

I’m not trying to minimize or make excuses for any cop who crosses the line, but how many of you have had to make that choice? A possible life or death decision in about the same amount of time it takes you to blink.

Police go through hours and hours of training to make that half-second decision,  but in simulators, no one dies and no one puts the video on Facebook. Don’t you think it’s possible a lifetime of experiences for a cop, goes into that half-second when they decide to use force?  That seems to be the problem. That’s why  police departments around the country should spend more time on that half-second!

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