Plano Pantry Still Closed But Help is Pouring In

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PLANO - It has been a hard week for Maggie’s Food Pantry.

The non-profit was shut down by the city of Plano after their freezer busted, spoiling close to $30,000 worth of food.

Founder Cheryl Jackson feels the force of the community coming together. She said, “Unfortunately God told me to start this, but acts of God aren’t covered under insurance. How crazy is that?"

“Unfortunately, God told me to start this but acts of God aren’t covered under insurance," she said. "How crazy is that?"

When her freezer died, blood spilled out, ruining the place. The freezer had to be torn down, carpeting ripped up and walls torn out.

Jackson says repairs may cost more than $7,000.  While it was hard to find a freezer repair guy, as luck would have it, a repairman named Mickey showed up to help Minnie.

After news spread that Minnie’s had to shut down, Albertson’s, HEB, and KFC pledged to help. HP showed up with 25 volunteers ready to get their hands dirty.

“We thought we’d be sorting cans from one bin to another, so it was a bit of a surprise to be pulling carpet," Connor Dervin from HP said.  "But we’re more than happy to help."

Jackson thinks the pantry could be as good as new by next week with a lot of help from her friends and Plano.

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