#IfMyVaginaWasASandwhich: Woman Tries To Be Righteous, Starts Trending Hashtag On Twitter

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LOUISIANA — Jennifer Mayers, a self-proclaimed “Wife, mother, Christian” has unwittingly started the hashtag #IfMyVaginaWasASandwich on Twitter by comparing sandwiches and vaginas, specifically Taylor Swift’s.



The internet, of course, has reacted. Many have come out proclaiming that this is a form of slut-shaming, which is always abhorrent, while also pointing that the basic premise of her analogy is physical and anatomically incorrect.

Chalk it up to the poor state of sex education in America or just plain ol’ ignorance. There are a few things one can take from this:

1.”Slut-shaming”, intentional or not, is never cool.

2. Don’t compare female body parts to ham sandwiches. Just…don’t.

3. Other people’s private parts are just probably none of your business.

While it’s important to recognize the impact and meanings such analogies can have, you can also bask in the hilarity in which twitter users respond.


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