All You Can Fly Travel Service Celebrates One Year Anniversary at Love!

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DALLAS -- One thing we can we never seem to have enough of is time, especially when we're traveling.

That's because we're stuck in those TSA lines while the vacay minutes and seconds slip away.

But one company seems to be selling the most valuable commodity in the world and giving time-starved entrepreneurs and executives the best perk ever, for a price of course!

One year ago, Rise soared in and changed the travel game. For a monthly fee of about $2,000, you get unlimited monthly flying, checking in just minutes before your flight and parking super close to the terminal. Best of all: no lines!

"I don't have to stand in line for hours or with hundreds of people who aren't in the very best of moods. I don't have to take my shoes off and unload everything I have on the x-ray belt,” says BJ Wagner, a Rise member.

So far, folks are really feeling the rise of Rise. They threw a one-year anniversary party at Love Field to celebrate another milestone, 13,000 passengers!

"We've heard all sorts of great things, right? So we have member quotes talking about how we've changed their lives, we've saved their marriages, we've helped them grow in their business and so that makes us very proud to be able to do that," says Nick Kennedy,  co-founder and CEO of Rise.

Now for the rest of us, our only chance at jumping the lines and onto our flight is the TSA Precheck.

DFW International will be setting up a booth starting July 19 for you to sign up. You do have to pay an $85 fee that's good for five years but you get to go to a special line.

So if you're willing to pay the price you can fly faster! After all, time is money, right?

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