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Watch: Man Travels The World, Licks The Most Disgusting Things He Can Find

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If you haven’t had lunch yet, you may not want to read any further.

We’d all love to travel the world. Try new foods, see amazing natural wonders, experience a different culture and….lick public toilets?

That’s what travel host Ian Wright is doing. According to Adweek, Wright was hired by probiotics brand Gefilus to trek around the world and lick some of the most disgusting things you can comes across.

The result is a short documentary that finds Wright licking all kinds of disgusting surfaces. Train toilet buttons, public pay phones, pigeons, children’s toys, bottles pulled out of a dumpster and escalator hand rails are a few things on the menu.

The whole point of this lick tour is to demonstrate the gut fortifying abilities of probiotics. Supposedly, the healthy bacteria promoted by use of probiotics allows your body to fend off germs and bacteria you pick up when puckering up to a public door handle.

In this case, we’ll just take their word about it.

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