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I-35 Home to Growing Weed Problem in Dallas…No, Not That Kind!

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DALLAS -- We’ve got a bit of a weed problem growing Dallas right now, y’all, and we don’t mean THAT kind of weed.

We’re talking about garden variety green stuff on the side of Interstate 35, and though the plants are the same height, this is no field of dreams.

If it happened at your house, the HOA would be coming with torches and pitchforks faster than you could hit the afterburner on your suped up lawnmower.

So whose job is it to keep Dallas beautiful?

Well, TXDOT says the City of Dallas controls things within city limits, but they do offer them advice, including mowing two to three times a year.

Wait…two to three times a year? How often do you mow?!

The problem, it seems, is that recent rains have stalled the mowers and allowed the weeds to wild. The city didn’t return our call, but we’re not looking for much!

Can we just nip this weed problem in the bud?

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