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‘Arrow’: Did Stephen Amell just squash our Olicity romance dreams?

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It’s time for “Arrow” fans to start asking themselves a very serious question: What would happen if Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) didn’t rekindle their romance on the CW show?

That’s a question Amell himself seemingly posed to fans of the series during an appearance at New Jersey’s Heroes and Villains FanFest.

“I was chatting with a couple of fans earlier and they were saying there hasn’t been a lot of positivity and reassuring notions when it comes to Oliver and Felicity’s relationship,” Amell told the crowd [via TVLine]. “I think that it’s important to remember that relationships on the show don’t have to be only defined by romance. Oliver and Felicity could have a wonderful, fulfilling, dynamic relationship and not be together, right?”

Of course, that line of thinking was met with boos from the audience, but Amell does have a point. He continues, “That’s how the world works!”

After all, just because you know two people you think are perfect for each other doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll live happily ever after.

Throughout Season 4 of “Arrow,” it became clear that though Oliver had greatly matured since the beginning of the show, he wasn’t necessarily ready for everything that comes with being in that relationship with Felicity — don’t forget that whole lying about having a kid thing. Though things were initially icy between them, they eventually got back to what mattered most: friendship.

With the life Oliver leads — in public and under the Green Arrow mask — what he needs isn’t a romantic partner but people he can count on to be there for him, as Felicity has always tried to be.

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Will these two crazy kids work out their problems and end up spending their lives together? It’s a distinct possibility, but now is the time for fans to come to terms with the idea that Olicity falling wildly in love and spending the rest of their days together living a peaceful life hidden away somewhere isn’t the only option for an “Arrow” endgame.

Instead, just take a moment to appreciate that after everything they’ve been through, these two can still be friends and count on each other more than just about anyone else — except maybe Diggle (David Ramsey).

As for Amell, he knows exactly what he wants from Oliver and Felicity.

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“I hope that they’re both in a happy positive place,” he says. “Whether that means they’re together or not remains to be seen.”

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