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10 Things Oprah Needs to Give Away in DFW

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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 12: Oprah Winfrey on stage during her An Evening With Oprah tour on December 12, 2015 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

By Kristina Rowe, NewsCastic

You get a car. You get a car. You get a car.

While the Oprah show may be no more, her audience giveaways have become the stuff of legend. But we wonder: what would Oprah have chosen to give away if all her prizes had to come from DFW.

1. Fancy Footwear

Oprah once gave audience members sparkly Uggs, but she could top that with a sock subscription to Foot Cardigan, a Dallas company made famous on Shark Tank.

2. Free Food

Oprah’s KFC coupon giveaway to everyone (not just her audience) went so viral that the restaurant stopped honoring the free grilled chicken meal offer. A law suit followed and is now part of the “Oprah giveaway” legend.

Free food from multiple sponsors might be a smarter way to go. And despite DFW being a place people associate with tacos or barbecue, it’s also the home of headquarters for Pie Five and Pizza Inn (The Colony), Pizza Hut (Plano), Cane Rosso (Dallas), and Chuck E. Cheese (Irving.) That should be enough pizza to go around.

3. Big Trips

Big trips went to some big winners on the Oprah show. Some audience members won trips to Disneyland, and one group even won a trip to Australia. With American One World Airlines headquartered in DFW, winners could pick a trip to just about anywhere in the world.

4. Blingy Rings

The Jostens plant in Denton manufactures yearbooks and class rings as well as championship sports rings. Yep, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, NBA Championship and even more commemorative rings have been produced in this Denton plant for decades.

If she wanted to, Oprah could have a special ring designed for her whole audience. We think that would be worth commemorating.

5. Beauty Secrets

Oprah’s given away more than a few beauty products over the years, but if she went with a Dallas theme, she might need to give away precious liquid from the fountain of youth. We’re pretty sure Dallas native (and “Dallas” show actress) Morgan Fairchild has found it.

6. Sensational Reads

Oprah’s Book Club was as popular as her prize giveaways, so we think a smash hit first novel by Dallas author Ben Fountain would be a great giveaway. Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk won critical acclaim and fiction awards when it was published in 2012. The movie, directed by Ang Lee hits theaters in November.

7. The Art of Shopping

Oprah gave away many a shopping spree and plenty of designer duds during her show’s run. A list of DFW prize providers would not be complete without Neiman Marcus. The prize should definitely include a trip to the flagship downtown Dallas store where the art windows and store displays take a stunning shopping experience right over the top.

8. Smart Things

TV’s, phones, and all kinds of electronics have been featured on the famed prize list of Oprah giveaways. With Samsung’s North American headquarters in Plano, they’d be the perfect contributor to a DFW-themed giveaway. Laptops for everyone? Galaxy phones and tablets? Even a ride on the SmartThings connected home on wheels would be pretty impressive.

9. A Set of Wheels

Yeah, we know, you were thinking about the cars. But isn’t giving away cars kind of cliche? We think cool, custom-made bicycles from Villy Customs would make a more fitting prize from fitness-conscious DFW.

10. You Get a Car and You Get a Car

Just seconds ago, we said giving away cars was cliche, but naaah. Given a chance to make a supreme giveaway highlighting DFW, any high powered celebrity would choose a Cadillac Escalade made in Arlington, Texas.

Tales of the famous Oprah giveaway episode tell us that the “You get a car” exclamation came about because the audience didn’t realize that everyone was getting a car. Perhaps at this dreamed up DFW version, they should hand out keys on the way in. Now that would make a statement.

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