Mother Nature Couldn’t Top ‘Merica as Irving Gets in Annual Parade

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IRVING -- Mother Nature certainly tried to rain on Irving’s parade this morning.

"We actually sat out there at midnight with umbrellas up over the float, which wasn’t too heady on our part,” float contributor Matthew Hamilton said. “But it’s dry, and we’re ready to go.”

Nothing could dampen the spirits in downtown Irving - okay, a few of the little ones weren’t crazy about the 9 a.m. wake up call - but the majority were ready to enjoy themselves some America!

And no, we don’t mean the seasonal cans of Budweiser.

"Had this parade not transpired, it would’ve been detrimental in our household,” Billy Yarbrough laughed.

The Yarbrough family’s three kids (Daniel, Julia, and Evan) had been poised for the parade for days, and you could understand by seeing them.

"What was your favorite part?” their mom, Kristina, asked.
“Candy!” Julia yelled.
"Yeah, candy!” twin brother Daniel echoed.

Uncle Sam, some crazy clowns, veterans and much more lined the streets, but candy was the star as usual.

The Yarbroughs, though, made sure the treats came with a teaching moment.

"Although they were really excited about the candy, I hope that one day they truly appreciate the meaning of what we celebrate today, our Independence Day,” Kristina Yarbrough said.

That celebration spilled from the streets into Heritage Park shortly after, giving some a sense of the past and a hope for the future.

“We're all looking for something we can feel hopeful and upbeat about and take those aspects and try to take them out into the world as we meet people,” said Irving resident Jan Killen.

And if you’re trying to spread goodwill throughout the world, it never hurts to bring some candy.