Blessing In Disguise? Rain Only Expected to Make Fireworks Safer

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ROCKWALL -- There's no bigger weekend for fireworks than the Fourth of July.  And there was plenty of early celebration over the weekend.  Heck, even Mother Nature got in on the action, in the form of thunderstorms.

But Clint Burns, who manages Rockwall's Alamo Fireworks, didn't seem nearly as gloomy as last night's weather.  He says the rainy weather might be a blessing in disguise.

"The ground is damp, it's a little bit safer," Burns told NewsFix.  "We've kinda got the green light, within those restricted areas where you can do them.  We've got the green light to kinda do what we wanna do."

And hey, by lunchtime most of the rain had stopped anyway!  Which is lucky for stores like Burns's. They're only open twice a year; losing a day's worth of sales would have been a costly loss indeed!

"I think it was kind of a perfect time," said Burns.  "It slowed the morning down for us, but we are hunkering down for a very large afternoon."

As for his customers, celebrating freedom by blowin' stuff up is an American tradition!  Can't let a little water get in the way of patriotism, right?

"We're not worried about the water anyway," said Lavon Henderson. "If it does rain, we'll still have somewhere to pop it.  They'll still be able to enjoy themselves.  That's the main focus - as long as my kids can enjoy themselves, I'm a happy parent."