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How To Beat the Summer Heat Like a True Texan

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Image Via Flickr: Eric Whittman

By Rachel Miller, NewsCastic

As the temperatures continue to rise in Texas, many of us are scrambling to figure out a way to beat the Texas heat. It doesn’t matter if you just moved here or if you were born and raised in Texas, the summertime will always take some getting used to.

Now, how can someone beat the summer heat like a true Texan? Don’t worry, we have all the answers for surviving the heatwaves.

Fire Up The Grill

Let’s face it, no one likes turning on a hot oven to cook a meal in this Texas heat. Fire up the grill to cook your favorite summer foods. What true Texan doesn’t love the delicate taste and smell of food on the grill?

Go to a Waterpark

Hello Schlitterbahn, Six Flags:Hurricane Harbor, Hawaiian Falls, Great Wolf Lodge, NRH20 and Bahama Beach Waterpark! A waterpark is the best way to get the entire family to beat the Texas heatwave.


“The stars at night are big and bright…” When the sun finally sets and you feel a cool, windy breeze, go outside to stargaze. Who doesn’t love the beauty of Texas skies?

Get a Snow Cone

Nothing cools you off from the brutal Texas sun than dining on a tasty snow cone. You can get it shaved ice or snowball style. If you’re a little adventurous, try the various snow cone toppings such as pickles, whipped cream, and candy.

Add a Pop to Your Drink

Besides snow cones, another treat that’ll cool you off is adding a popsicle to your adult beverage.

Go River Floating

Take a break and enjoy the cool feeling of water on your body by floating down one of Texas’s many rivers with family and friends.

Visit a Museum/Aquarium

The best way to beat the Texas heat is to do an indoor, air-conditioned activity like visiting a museum or aquarium.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water is without a doubt a top priority when dealing with Texas summers. Staying hydrated will rest assure you will be able to deal with the 100 degree weather.

Head to the Movies

You can either enjoy the movies inside a theater, or go to movies in the park. Texas is truly known for throwing movie parties underneath the moon and stars. There are plenty of movies being released this summer that makes it a perfect summer time activity.

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