Watch What Happens When Dad Finds Teenage Daughter’s Bottle of Fireball

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If you’re a teenager and you try to hide a bottle of liquor in your sock drawer, here’s a little piece of advice: You will get caught.

Your parents are nosy and they know they basically own you. They will sniff, dig, and snoop until they find and retrieve anything you try to hide from them. They’re like relentless puppies that also control your life.

Twitter user @glovelacee AKA Elainey, like a lot of teenagers, found this out the hard way. She shared this video of what happened when her dad discovered a near-empty bottle of Fireball whiskey in her sock drawer while she was out of town writing, “soooooo my parents found this bottle I was hiding in my room and this happened……”

We can’t decide if this dad’s level of chill is impressive or completely frightening. As for the internet, Twitter sure seems to love the guy, with one person saying he’s “Father of the Year” and other calling him a legend.