Judge Drops Tony Romo’s NFL Lawsuit

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DALLAS -- Here we go again. Seems as if Tony Romo just suffered another blitz! This time, from a Dallas judge who dismissed his lawsuit.

You probably remember Tony Romo's National Fantasy Football Convention in Pasadena, California last July was intercepted by the NFL.

According to Fan Expo, right before the inaugural kick off  in Vegas, the big dogs at the NFL were hitting up players, their families and their agents saying they'd be fined or suspended if they attended the event.

The NFL even went in for the extra point stating anytime there's gambling involved, the NFL and its players aren't allowed to participate.

But Fan Expo defended its event, stating no such activities would be taking place. They argued the real reason the case was dismissed is because the NFL isn't getting a piece of the pie on this one.

This year, Romo and company were ready for a rematch and once again, the event was set to take place in Pasadena. But two weeks ago, it was postponed.

The NFFC put an apology up on its site and promised they're not giving up.

But now, District Judge Carl Ginsberg has handed a big defeat to Romo's team, granting the NFL's request for summary judgment, which pretty much means game over.

As for Romo, he says he just wanted to bring the fans closer to the players and his team will be asking for a do over. They're appealing.

So we'll see if Romo can get the ball back in motion on this one.