Fourth Fears: Beefing Up Security Across America

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NORTH TEXAS -- Once again, from the skies to the roads, security is being beefed up across the nation as we head in the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

With the terrorist attack at the Istanbul airport Tuesday and the massacre at a dance club in Orlando two weeks ago, Homeland Security is asking people to be "vigilant" when you're out and about.

"I feel pretty safe. Obviously, the heighten security helps a little bit, so we feel just fine going in and out of airports," one traveler told NewsFix.

But looking ahead, Customs and Border Protection just announced they want to start screening foreign visitors to the U.S. using their social media accounts. The plan would be voluntary, but the Feds say it could help them find ties to terrorism.

One member of Congress has introduced a bill to require Homeland Security to review all public records including Facebook and other social media, before a foreign visitor can get the green light.