Non-Profit Helping Vets During 4th of July Celebrations

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NORTH TEXAS -- The results are in and when it comes to the top 100 fireworks shows in the country, North Texas fizzles out. Wallethub ranked where to watch, and Dallas and Houston didn't even crack the Top 40.

But while the 4th of July means celebrating with fireworks, there are some who want to celebrate with a lot less bang.

“My whole point with having the sign is to get people aware. It brings back those memories, so I want people to be aware of it,” said Veteran Kevin Rhodes.

Thanks to the non-profit "Military with PTSD," nearly 10,000 vets who suffer with PTSD will be putting up signs in their yards. The signs ask folks not to set off any fireworks near their homes.

“What you’re trying to do is give the individual just a little bit of courtesy, I think that’s a great idea,” Rhodes told NewsFix.

Vietnam vet Jess Johnson knows firsthand the impact PTSD has on our fighting men and women. He was an Army medic and he came back a changed man.

“The problem was when we came back from Vietnam, you would actually leave the jungle check out and be back in the United States in four days," said Johnson. "From a combat situation to the streets of San Francisco, PTSD is something you start experiencing then.”

Johnson says getting through his PTSD was not easy, but with a little help, he says there is always hope.

“Don’t wait for help, start talking about the issues and look for assistance.”

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