Awww… Watch Fort Worth Cops Reunite Family with Stolen Dog!

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FORT WORTH -- The relationship between law enforcement and dogs has always been a match made in heaven, and Fort Worth PD recently proved it's true now more than ever.

Back in May. a puppy named Petey was stolen from his family's home near Camp Bowie. And on Monday, Petey was returned to his owners in an emotional reunion.

According to Officer Arthur Guajardo, it's all thanks to a team of officers who followed the paw prints for more than a month.

"They were following leads on a previous report that had some addresses that were connected to the suspect," Officer Guajardo explained. "We went to that particular address, knocked on the door and the dog came right out the door as I knocked on it."

Those cops were officially honored by the City of Fort Worth Tuesday.

Petey's owner Julia Templeton was in attendance and shared her appreciation for Fort Worth PD's efforts.

"I can't say enough about the Fort Worth Police Department. They never gave up, everyday there was an email or a phone call or something, and I really knew that they were going to catch these guys," said Templeton.

But Fort Worth PD doesn't just save dogs, they save goats as well. On Monday, they posted a pic on their Twitter account attempting to help a goat that had been hit by a car.

So the promise to protect and serve extends to our furry friends as well. If Fort Worth PD's performance is any indication, the North Texas animal kingdom appears to be in safe hands.

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