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Two Dead, Several More Injured in Fort Worth Dance Studio Shooting

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FORT WORTH -- It's not a headline you want to wake up to; Two Dead, Several More Injured in a Fort Worth Dance Studio Shooting.

"What started off as a pretty cool night ended up being a disaster," said Jason Moore, an employee at Studio 74, where the shooting took place.

It's especially something you don't want to hear only a few weeks after the countries deadliest mass shooting happened in Orlando.

"I was in the back and everybody started running to the front, getting out of the building where the scuffle was going on," said Moore. "And I saw somebody struggling with the gun. I just really concentrated on getting everybody to safety and to the back."

According to Fort Worth police, when officers responded to Studio 74, they found one person in the parking lot who had already died. The second victim was taken to the hospital before he passed away.

Saturday morning, the owner of the dance studio posted a message on Facebook:

She also came to the studio to assess the damage caused by last night's fight. "I eat sleep and breathe this place," said Laura Reyna, before getting a little emotional. "To come in and walk in to see your place  destroyed and damaged when you literally put your blood, sweat, and tears into it, it's just heartbreaking."

"This is a place of refuge," Moore said. "It just sucks that it's been tainted because of the frustrations of our community."

No arrests have been made, as detectives continue their investigation. An investigation... with a headline that's all too familiar.

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