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Making a Splash: ‘Slide the City’ Successfully Soaks Dallas

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DALLAS -- A year ago, Slide the City left Fort Worth water chasers high and dry after mechanical complications sent the even down the tubes.

“It really was just an isolated incident," said current Slide the City organizer Chris Conran. "We had issues with the rental company, and it was one of the first events the company ever held. We were also doing a Guinness World Record doing a 2,000 foot long slide."

This year, instead of feeling hosed, Dallas thrill seekers were getting soaked. Thousands flocked to the 'Big D' to make waves, and cooler temperatures and perfectly running equipment didn't leave anyone drowning in sorrow.

“It’s kinda the whole being wet on a giant slip and slide that’s blocks long thing that’s kinda awesome," deadpanned first time slider Paul Wingo.

“It’s so much fun," echoed Joanne Levy who was sliding with her family and friends. "Everything about it is like being a child. It’s like your whole family’s a child together again.”

And did we mention the view from the Sylvan Avenue overpass?

“The view of downtown Dallas up there was really gnarly," Levy laughed.

So they slipped, and they slid, and after a rocky introduction to DFW, it appears this event isn't going to sink anytime soon.

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