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Buena Vista All Star, Luis Manual Mirabal Plasencia Comes to Dallas!

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DALLAS -- The sweet sound of the trumpet and the smell of cafe Cubano floating through the streets are both things you can only get from one place, Cuba.

It’s a place where being able to easily leave has never really been an option. That is, until recently, as the U. S. and Cuba continue to thaw out their icy relationship.

And then the question for those Cuban’s looking for a new home in the states becomes, where do you go?

For one musician, the answer was simple: Dallas.

Originally part of the band, the Buena Vista Social Club now called the Buena Vista All-Stars, a young Luis Manuel Mirabel Plasencia has been anxiously awaiting to share a little bit of Cuba with the U.S.

"What we would love is for the general public to be able to connect, make a direct connection with the Cuban people through the roots of our music,” says Plasencia.

The roots he speaks of go deep into Cuban tradition and will now be the stories told to a new generation of salsa lovers.

Plasencia also says, "One of the things we’re very excited about, and look very much forward to, is the opportunity of beginning the tour starting through the U.S. and being able to at the same time, record our new music."

With a new home, new vision and a mix of old and new sound, the Buena Vista All-Stars are ready to let the music play.

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