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TravelFix: How To Use Your Phone Around The World

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What's the use of traveling around the world if you can't show it off on social media, right? And that means making sure your phone is in perfect working order, but you don't wanna fall victim to a huge overseas phone bill.

Lucky for you, Drew is here to help.

"Obviously having a working phone is very important when you travel so you can communicate with people, get on the internet. So all you do is pop out the sim card, go to a local carrier, so it's not going to be Verizon or AT&T or Sprint, it's going to be some company you've never heard of. It's usually between $10, $15 and then your phone is going to work just like it does at home. Usually you pay upfront so you're not going to get a recurring bill and then if you run out of credits you just go back to the store and pop it back in. So every time I hop borders I just find a local sim card place and put it in and it works fine."

Drew also advises to take advantage of that free wifi!!

"Nowadays there's wifi everywhere, hotels, coffee shops, you're always connected."

But all of this won't matter if you can't even charge your phone. Be prepared to deal with different electrical outlets.

"You can actually buy one converter that changes to all of them which I recommend. But before you travel I recommend checking out which outlet converter you need because if you don't have it you can't charge anything."

If you wanna check out more tips from Drew, you can visit or can find out where he's at right now by adding him on Snapchat at @ drewbinsky.

Happy Traveling!

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