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No Indictment For Cop Involved In McKinney Pool Party Incident

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MCKINNEY, TX -- When a video went around the world, it didn't look good for the McKinney cop seen slamming a young girl, Dajerria Becton, to the ground and pulling his gun on other teens at a pool party. But now it's official, Eric Casebolt,  who resigned after the incident won't face any criminal charges.

"Certainly, he was grateful and really thinking about getting this out over his head," Casebolt's lawyer, Tom Mills, explained.

Becton's attorney, Kim Cole says she's filing a civil lawsuit and personal injury claim against Casebolt  to  get justice for her client.

"Police are above the law the law doesn't apply to them and it is a very slippery slope," Cole explained at a Thursday night presser.

Mills says the grand jury decided there was not enough evidence to charge his client after hearing from eyewitnesses and looking at other videos.

"There were several other videos taped by people in the neighborhood," Mills told NewsFix. "Also what helped a lot was a transcript and recording of the dispatcher from the police department, telling the different police and squad cars that there was criminal activity taking place."

After resigning from the force, Casebolt hasn't gone back to work and it seems unlikely the McKinney police department would re-hire him after the police chief called his actions "indefensible."

"I have no idea why that police chief said that this was inexcusable behavior because at the time he's made those statements he hadn't even seen the entire context of the picture," Mills added.

McKinney Police Department is planning a community meeting on Monday to address how to move on from the situation.

Meanwhile, let's hope everybody stays cool at the next pool party.


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