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Jack Evans, Part Of The First Same-Sex Couple In Dallas To Marry, Passes Away Days Before Anniversary

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DALLAS -- It’s been nearly a year since the Supreme Court ruled that same sex couples could get married coast to coast.

“We’ve been together 54 years, and it`s been a long journey. When we got together it was a frightful time to be gay” George Harris said last year

For long time couple George Harris and Jack Evans, that Supreme Court ruling was a long time coming.

“We’ve tried to make a difference, we tried to make a change in our community,” Jack Evans said after taking his vows.

That change came slowly, but over the years they witnessed LGBT milestones. Last June, they were the first couple in Dallas county to get a same sex marriage license and were married moments later. Thursday night, three days from celebrating their first legally married anniversary, Jack Evans passed away. He was 86 years old.

“I know Jack was always grateful to have a long life, and to be able to stay active, to be out in the community and to make a difference,” Pastor Eric Folkerth said. Folkerth has watched George and Jack try to make a difference for years, and he told NewsFix Jack`s impact on the LGBT community in Dallas was beyond comparison.

“Every time there was a new victory for LGBTQ rights, he would just comment, 'isn`t this just a great time to be alive!'”

Even though Jack has passed away, his legacy is alive and well.

“The world is a much better place because of him. He`s inspired people to not be afraid, he`s inspired people to be who they are.”

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