Boyfriend Turns Girlfriend Friends Shoes into Masterpiece After Dog Uses it as a Chew Toy

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We love our dogs, but sometimes they can do things that aren’t so lovable like chewing up your work heels. That’s what happened when Alan Padzinski’s dog chewed up his girlfriend’s $500 shoes.



Alan came home from work to find his girlfriend crying over destroyed shoes. They live with their 2-year-old dog, Caliph, in Przemyśl, Poland. According to Buzzfeed, the dog is supposed to live outside but he does find ways to get inside and that’s when the trouble started. grid-cell-25858-1466621568-11 grid-cell-25858-1466621570-16

A blacksmith by trade, who makes swords and armour for a living, Alan vowed to his girlfriend Jagoda, he could repair her shoes.

Alan repaired the hole in Jogoda’s shoe with a leather patch, but the heels still needed help. So, with the help of his trusty precision hammer, he decided to give the pumps a metal makeover.

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The damaged heels were covered with stainless steel plates, thin coats of brass and then painted black. The results were a sculptured masterpiece created with love. Caliph you got off the hook this time, but no more heels for you buddy!

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