This KFC Box Meal Will Charge Your Phone & Fill You Up

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LOUISVILLE, KY -- When it comes to life's necessities, most people have their phone in one hand and a chicken leg in the other.

Okay, maybe not chicken, but KFC sure is taking advantage of technology needs to up their sales. Check out the "Watt-A-Box," a finger-lickin' good meal that can charge your phone.

The $5 box comes with your choice of chicken, a biscuit, soda, and an actual USB port -- because you never know when you need to fill up your battery's life to Snapchat your meal.

Uh, does this come with a side of shame too?!

Now, before you get too worked up, the Watt-A-Box is only available in India. But we'll bet you 5-bucks it won't be long before this catches on in the U.S.

And that's not all KFC is cooking up... or should we say frying up?

Meet the new Colonel Sanders, excuse us: "Extra Crispy Colonel." Yeah, award winning actor George Hamilton is The Godfather of the golden brown version of KFC's poultry. No really. They actually made him golden brown.

Besides the strange spray tan, this is the franchise's first Colonel to serve up a specific product, but the fourth actor to play Colonel Sanders.

Guess it's hard to try something new when you're used to the original flavor.