This Dog Definitely Has Donald Trump Hair

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dog trump 3

Photo: KBOI2


BOISE, ID — A dog in Idaho is getting his 15 minutes of fame all because of his hairdo. The owner thinks it looks just like Donald Trump’s hair. And so do others.

The dog’s name is Him-is-a-boo and he’s┬ácompeting for the title of “World’s Ugliest Dog,” according to KBOI2. The owner, Heather Wilson, says this is the fourth year she’s signed her dogs up for the contest.

dog trump

Photo: KBOI2

Heather thinks Him-is-a-boo’s orange comb-over may give him a bit of an edge of the competition this go around.

“Let’s make ugly great again, ” said Heather. “We figured whether people loathe the Donald or love the Donald, a vote for Him-is-a-boo is a vote for a dog that looks like Donald Trump.”

dog trump 2

Photo: KBOI2

Right now, Him-is-a-boo is in second place!

Anyone can go online and vote for their top choice in the competition.

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