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Dallas Veteran Quits Corporate America to Walk For Vets

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DALLAS -- It started as one small step for Larry Hinkle who decided to stop the cycle. He decided to quit his corporate job in Dallas.

"I found myself in this cyclical Groundhog's Day kind of thing, where I would work all day come home drink and then go to bed and repeat the cycle," said Hinkle.

In April at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, he took a big leap to walk across the country.

It's called The Hump. The Marine is trekking 20 miles a day, heading to Camp Pendleton in California. The walk is a total of 2,640 miles

One foot after the other, he seeks out fellow warriors and gives back.

"I'll go to police stations, fire departments, VA's, nursing homes, seeking out veterans to hug on, love on, help lighten the load if we can. Pass out Chick-fil-A gift cards, whatever we can do to make a vet or a first responder smile," said Hinkle.

He collects donations through his GoFundMe page and The Hump web site.  So far, he's collected more than $20,000 for expenses and giving to vets around the country.

The former soldier will stay the weekend in Dallas visiting his mother and head out for another 20 miles to California starting Tuesday. He says he's not sure when... or IF... he'll make it back to the corporate world.

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