Zika Hits 10 Pregnant Women in Dallas County

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DALLAS -- Zika, Zika, Zika!  We've been hearing about it for months but now it's hitting close to home.

Ten pregnant women in Dallas County have been diagnosed with the Zika virus.

That’s right, ten!

Now we know you have questions. Like did they get the virus from a mosquito here in Texas? Turns out they didn't.  All 10 got infected after traveling to countries in the Caribbean, Central America, and South America.

The biggest outbreak has been in Brazil, where we've seen the heartbreaking footage of more than one thousand babies born with microcephaly, a catastrophic birth defect that causes brain damage.

That's why doctors are warning women who are pregnant or hoping to get pregnant, to take precautions against Zika. So far, almost 300 pregnant women in the U.S. have tested positive.

"The real game changer is the fact that if a pregnant mother is bitten by an infected mosquito, this will cause an emotional, lifetime emotional situation on that mother," says Zach Thompson, Director of Dallas County Health and Human Services.  A pregnant woman that is bitten runs a high risk for the baby to be born with a defect as well as years of heartache.

Right now, there isn't a surefire way to avoid getting Zika but Dr. Thompson ticks off the 4 D’s: drain, DEET, dress, and dusk until dawn.

And since Zika can be spread through sex, doctors say you should use protection if your partner has traveled to an infected region.  They might be bringing back more than some piña coladas.