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‘Golden Girls’ themed cafe opens in New York

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WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, Manhattan — Picture it, fans of The Golden Girls! You’re about to get a great big reason to have the theme song stuck in your head (again). A Golden Girls-themed restaurant, the Rue La Rue Cafe, is now open in the Washington Heights area of Manhattan — and it’s everything an NYC tourists and classic TV enthusiasts could ask for.

Washington Heights resident and longtime friend of late Golden Girls actress Rue McCLanahan, Michael J. LaRue, opened the cafe in honor of McClanahan and her series character, Blanche Devereaux, according to DNAInfo.


According to the New York Times, musicians play mellow jazz in a corner of the museum-like restaurant but when they take a break, TVs are turned up so guests can enjoy the four Miami roommates and their classic sitcom episodes.

The restaurant sits at 4396 Broadway, inside the Sofia Storage Building. Yeah, we know! Sofia!!


Except the late Estelle Getty’s character, Sophia Petrillo, had a slight spelling variation in her first name. Still cool, though.

The menu has taken inspiration from the show, with items like lasagne al forno and Genügenflürgen cake, along with other items that pay tribute to cliche lines, like Sophia’s ‘Picture It’ Sicilian roast coffee. Oh, and YOU KNOW they have cheesecake.

When McClanahan died in 2010, LaRue inherited all of her personal belongings and show biz memorabilia which he, of course, used to decorate the cafe. McClanahan’s son, Mark Bisch, is a business partner in the culinary venture.

Estelle Getty passed away in 2008 and Bea Arthur, who played Getty’s TV daughter Dorothy Petrillo, died the following year.

The only living Golden Girl is Betty White, who played Rose Nylund. The cafe offers a ‘Betty White Cake‘ in her honor; maybe she’ll have a slice when she visits this spring. Thank you for being a friend, Betty White.


Rights to The Golden Girls merchandise belong to the Walt Disney Company, but they’re allowing the use of images and the manufacture and sale of merchandise at the cafe, according to DNAInfo, making it the only location in the world to have specially made Golden Girls swag.

Hey, what’s good swag for a Golden Girls fan??


Blanche would approve, you know she would!!

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