Affluenza Teen: Mama Couch Gets Break on House Arrest

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TARRANT COUNTY -- While Ethan Couch is sitting in a Tarrant County jail cell for violating probation, his mom is still awaiting her day in court. A lot has changed for Tonya Couch since she was indicted by a Tarrant County grand jury back in May.

Now she's facing two charges, including hindering apprehension. That's for allegedly helping her "affluenza teen" son flee after violating his probation for killing  four while driving drunk. The second charge is money laundering. Couch allegedly coughed up $30,000 in cash to fund a mother-son misadventure to Mexico.

That ended badly and both were arrested and extradited to Fort Worth.

In April,  a judge sentenced Ethan Couch to nearly two years in the slammer. Monday morning, when Couch showed up for a motion hearing, the judge agreed to postpone the hearing. He also eased up on her curfew conditions. She still has to wear her GPS ankle bracelet, but she can now look for a job.

"Curfew regulations now is that she has to stay at home unless she's looking for a job or she's coming to her lawyer's office, or reporting to the court or probation department," Tonya's lawyer, Don Carter explained.

Well, at least Couch is trying to be a working woman and not a La-Z-Boy!