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Old School Baseball: Texas Vintage Baseball Swings Like It’s 1860

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WAXAHACHIE, TX — America’s Pastime, the way it was played over 150 years ago. That’s what the Texas Vintage Baseball League brings!

Players hit the diamond in old cotton uniforms, wearing authentic caps and fielding without gloves.

So while the name may be the same, there are some major differences out on that field.

“The pitching is a little bit easier to hit, you don’t have as much as far as curveball, fastball, change-up. Pitching is still important but it’s not the most important position like it would be today.” said Matthew Adamick, a member of the Farmer’s Branch Mustangs.

“So it’s a little bit more of a hit and run game. It’s a little bit more like softball in the sense that you get more guys on base, you’re moving around. It’s not as much of a pitcher’s duel.”

Those generational changes were on full display Saturday in Waxahachie as the Farmers Branch Mustangs took on a team of Waxahachie and Plano residents.

And even though the calendar may say 2016, their rulebook is from before the Civil War.

“In [the] 1840’s is when they started codifying the rules a little bit more formal as how we see them now, Adamick said.

“That’s when you started to see the diamond layout for the bases. Alexander Cartwright set the bases at 90 feet, and we play by the 1860 rules, which was when the National Association of Baseball teams got together and agreed on a set of rules.”

So if modern sports with flashy players, video reviews, and advanced analytics have you pining for the good ol’ days… there are still some folks out there for you, swinging away, 19th-century style!

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