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Hot Curry: Steph & Ayesha Curry Heated After Game 6 Loss

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CLEVELAND, OH – Steph and Ayesha Curry. They’re the NBA’s favorite couple and perhaps the league’s most made-for-TV family. But the Currys’ squeaky clean image has taken a hit after the Warriors’ loss to the Cavs in Thursday night’s Finals.

After picking up his sixth foul late in the fourth quarter, the usually mild-mannered Curry threw a tantrum and then literally threw his mouthpiece, hitting a fan courtside. Curry was ejected and ushered off the court. He`s been fined $25,000 for the outburst.

But his wife Ayesha, who was sitting in the stands, was equally upset and let it be known on Twitter. She posted a now-deleted tweet that accused the NBA of being rigged for money.
Ayesha Curry eventually deleted this tweet

She eventually offered an explanation for her frustration with another tweet saying that the final foul against her husband “was uncalled for”.

In fact, Ayesha was in a bad mood before the game even started complaining about being stuck on a bus minutes before the game.

She also described an incident in which someone in her family wasn’t allowed in a casino because of wearing Warriors gear as well as an issue with her father being racially profiled by the police.

Whew! Looks like the Curry`s need a few days to cool off. Steph and the Warriors host the Cavs in the championship game Sunday.

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