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Cause for Delay: Alarm Prompts Evacuation at Dallas Love Field

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DALLAS--It was another scary day for people flying in and out of Love Field. The airport evacuated everyone because of a fire alarm.

"They were telling us go ahead and evacuate. So we all started evacuating all at one time," Chicago passenger Ismael Guzman said.

It's pretty hot and muggy to stand around outside, right?

The airport tried to keep everyone calm and patient, tweeting out, "Dallas Fire-Rescue is investigating for all's safety. No fire found at this moment.
Safety first."

Well, it turned out to be a false alarm. Everyone had to wait 'til Dallas Fire-Rescue could check out the whole place then file *back* through security.

"We did the security check and everything else, but now we have to go through the security check again," Guzman said.

No one's taking chances these days. Just eight days earlier, Dallas cops shot a guy who'd been throwing big stones at people outside the airport.

Shawn Diamond was treated in the hospital and taken to jail. He faces assault charges.

Guess we can be glad today's incident wasn't so serious.

"As long as I make it home," Guzman said. "I think that's the important thing."

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