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Dallas 101: How to Peel Crawfish Like A Pro

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By Jasmine Ellis, NewsCastic

“It’s crawfish not Crawdads and certainly not mud bugs” is an argument you might here at any seafood joint this time of year and while the debate remains on the proper name for these critters, anyone with taste buds will agree that they’re delicious.

Now, if you are a displaced LouisiananĀ or just a big fan, you probably have seen your friends struggling to open one as you’ve started in your 3rd basket. I’ve even seen people give up on frustration and give away whole plates of food and spend their evenings left out of the fun.

Today we teach you the crawfish fundamentals from peeling cleaning eating and enjoying.

“What’s That Yellow Stuff?”

"Less Crackin' More Snackin"

"They're Not All Winners"

"And That's How to Peel Crawfish"

So how did we do? Can you put crawfish the crawfish expert tell us in the comments.