West Coast Ice Cream Trend Soon To Be Available in Dallas

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By Rachel Miller, NewsCastic

Move over ice cream sandwiches, there’s a new dairy treat coming to the Dallas area soon: milky buns. Milky Buns originated in Orange County, California and have finally made their way to the Metroplex. You’ll be able to get your hands on your very own milky bun when Milk & Cream opens up later this month. Check out all the details on this new trend hitting the DFW just in time for summer!

What Is A Milky Bun?

We know you’re probably wondering, “What the heck is a milky bun?”

Well, a milky bun is similar to an ice cream sandwich, however it doesn’t use cookies. Instead, it uses a deep fried, donut like pastry that’s cut in half and filled with your choice of ice cream. You can also get a little crazy it top it off with sprinkles, cereal or if you’re feeling fancy, both.

After topping it, the milky bun is then briefly warmed in a machine. The pastry is dense enough to keep the ice cream from melting, thus creating a tasty combination of warm sweet buns and cold ice cream. Yum!

Milky Bun origins

The milky bun first became popular in Orange County, California by a company called Afters Ice Cream. It ultimately created an ice cream frenzy on the West coast.

Now, thanks to Milk & Cream, we all can get our hands on the delectable treat here in Dallas soon.

Milk & Cream location

Milk & Cream will open its doors in the lower Greenville area at 5420 Ross Ave, Suite 160, Dallas, Texas 75206. For information on their upcoming grand opening, visit their official Facebook.

Variety of Ice Cream Flavors

Besides the standard ice cream flavors, Milk & Cream will offer some unique yet interesting variety of ice cream to pair with your sweet bun such as lavender and Madagascar vanilla.

The Cookie Monster

Speaking of flavors, Milk & Cream will offer the cookie monster, a unique twist on cookies and cream. Instead of the standard white color, the ice cream will be dyed blue to pay homage to the color of the famous Sesame Street character.

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