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Trump Lovers, Protesters & Police Take on Dallas Rally

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DALLAS -- Whether you're Team Trump or Dump Trump, the day many North Texans have been anticipating all week is here -- #TrumpInDallas.

Donald Trump hit the stage Thursday night at Gilley's in Dallas to a packed crowd inside and outside. And he got right to it.

"I am so looking forward to it, the debate with crooked Hillary. I assume she's going to be allowed to run."


Next up, he went after President Obama's response to the recent mass shooting in Orlando.

"To a large extent, he's blaming guns. And I'm going to save your Second Amendment, folks. I'm going to save it," Trump told the crowd.

"The violation that took place, and it's due to weakness. It's weakness in behalf of our leadership. People don't respect our country anymore, people don't respect our leadership anymore, people don't respect us anymore. But let me tell you, they're gonna respect you folks because things are going to change."

And in true Donald Trump rally form, several protesters were kicked out.

"Get em outta here!" The Donald screamed each time.

And outside, things got crazier with several people being hauled off in handcuffs.

"Hey, hey. Ho, ho. Donald Trump has got to go," protesters chanted. "Stop the hate! Stop Trump!"

Dump Trump folks were outside Gilley's in the hot sun for hours before he even showed up.

"Why? Because I'm a veteran and he doesn't support veterans," Al Woolum told NewsFix. "I don't like the way he disrespected native Americans by calling them Pocahontas."

"Donald Trump's running a campaign about dividing people by the color of their skin, where they come from, what their religion is, what their gender or sexual orientation is," Domingo Garcia said. "That's not the America that most of us belong to."

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