This Company Puts Pictures of Politicians on Urinal Screens

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Thanks to you can express your political views in a brand new way and in a brand new space: urinal screens in the restroom. An offshoot of the screen printing and t-shirt packaging company Purple Giraffe, MVPee makes urinal screens with Hillary's face on them, Trump's face on them, and even top political players surrounding transgender bathroom policies.

The guy behind this idea, Robert Weinberg, told Eye Opener they've been making these for a while and it all got started after 911 when they first put Osama Bin Laden on a urinal screen.

"We just thought it'd be appropriate to put him on the urinal screen," said Roberts.

Since then, business has grown and they now offer urinal screens for almost any social or political issue or person that someone may want to "put their mark on." They've even branched out to urinal screens for public safety.

"The number one issue on college campuses today is underage drinking or alcohol abuse," said Roberts. MVPee offers urinal screens tackling that issue and others, such as physical abuse on women. Robert said the thinking behind it is that he's got a guy's attention for about 20-40 seconds while they're taking care of business and if there's a message down there, it has a chance to affect change.

Also, Robert doesn't play favorites.  If you've got an opinion, more than likely he's got a screen for you to express it upon.  For more info, hit up